Linde LLC’s protective-atmosphere safety monitoring system has helped companies operating heat treatment furnaces to improve safety procedures.

Heat treatment furnaces are reliant on the supply of nitrogen (N2) to help operators initiate safety purges with inert gas of the flammable atmosphere.

The Tier One corporation has upgraded its safety monitoring systems to include its patented CARBOJET® ultra-high-speed gas injection technology, which improves atmosphere circulation for improved heat transfer, and its HYDROFLEX® atmosphere control system, which offers a reliable metal annealing process.

The Linde furnace safety solution also includes its SINTERFLEX® atmosphere control system, which controls the atmosphere when sintering powder-metal parts.

Smelting industry metal furnace

Linde’s safety solution has been created to monitor N2 supply levels, signalling operations when low conditions occur with alarms and strobes. Fitted with an integral alarm panel, the system provides indicators for low liquid N2 levels, low N2 pressure and low N2 supply temperature.

The system is fully compliant with the National Fire Protection Association’s ‘Standard for Ovens and Furnaces’ (NFPA 86), which requires proper monitoring and controls to reduce potential fire and explosion hazards.