Linde India, a member of The Linde Group, today inaugurated its first food laboratory and training centre in India.

Located at Mangalagiri near Vijayawada in Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh, this is also the first Linde Food Laboratory in South Asia and ASEAN. The training centre will help train local food producers, processors and growers in the concepts of cryogenic food freezing, chilling and modified atmosphere packaging. This training will help the local industry to implement these technologies to improve their product quality and yield.

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Source: The Linde Group

Moloy Banerjee, Head of Linde Gases in South Asia, enthused, “We have a proud and long heritage of partnering India and its people for more than 80 years. As the growth story of India strengthens, the Linde India Food Laboratory and Training Centre will help the Indian food processing industry capitalise on food preservation technology that can help it earn higher returns from local produce.”

“Andhra Pradesh was our natural first choice when it came to a decision on the location for the Food Laboratory. The State Government provided us with prompt support and ease of doing business. Besides, the Guntur region has high concentration of firms involved in the food processing industry. This encouraged us to set up the Food Laboratory in Andhra Pradesh.”

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Source: The Linde Group

A press release said this food laboratory will demonstrate Linde’s CRYOLINE® range of freezers and related solutions to local food growers, producers and exporters. India is one of the largest producers and exporters of fruits, vegetables, marine products and meat products.

Linde will offer its extensive portfolio of cryogenic food chilling solutions including the advanced ACCU-CHILL® bottom-injection chilling systems, hygienically designed LIXHSOOTER® injectors, rapid inline sauce cooling systems and ACCU-CHILL® Combo Chillers to the local industry.

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Source: The Linde Group

Linde MAPAX® modified atmosphere packaging systems seal in freshness to extend shelf life. The MAPAX® system from Linde successfully inhibits the deterioration of food in a natural way by combining the correct gas mixture, film and packaging equipment, to keep products fresh and appetising and help reduce returns due to spoilage.