Linde Gases, a division of The Linde Group, has announced its agreement with Tartu University for the installation of its central gas supply generators at the University’s newly built chemistry laboratories.

Tartu is Estonia’s oldest and most prestigious higher education facility, and Linde’s installation, which is being carried out by AGA, Estonia, part of The Linde Group, will help enable it to become a centre of excellence for materials synthesis and characterisation, energy conversion technologies and bio and environmental chemistry.

The central gas system, which represents the largest installation of its kind in Estonia, is part of REDLINE® - Linde’s specialty gases equipment product range. The system will transport liquid nitrogen in addition to most common chromatographic gases and will consist of four kilometres of gas piping made from stainless steel, the preferred choice of material when demands made on purity are high.

The first orbital welded installation in the country, the system is expected will be a key reference site for similar projects in other Baltic states. The installation will also include multiple HiQ® no-maintenance hydrogen gas generators, which will allow the Tartu laboratories to safely produce a continuous supply of their own hydrogen on-site.

Head of Specialty Gases and Specialty Equipment at Linde, Stephen Harrison said, “This is an important contract for Linde, not only in Estonia, but also across the Baltic region.”

“Tartu University has invested heavily in their new laboratory facilities and it is testament to both our technology leadership in the area of managing high purity gases and to our design and engineering capabilities, that Tartu awarded us this project.”

Ivari Kaljurand, Senior Research Fellow and the Technical Coordinator of the project at the University of Tartu commented, “In addition to their technology capabilities, we saw Linde as a reliable and flexible partner, and one who was willing to be open-minded in terms of ideas generation and prepared to work hand in hand with us to develop exactly the right solution.”