Linde installed the REBOX® oxyfuel solutions in the existing galvanizing line at ThyssenKrupp Steel AG (TKS), which resulted in a production increase of 30 percent, from 82 to 105 tons per hour.

Since oxyfuel not only effectively heats, contributing to a reduction of fuel consumption, it also cleans, which eliminates the need for the pre-cleaning section.

Direct Flame Impingement (DFI) oxyfuel, where the oxyfuel flames are fired directly onto the moving metal was the chosen REBOX® solution. This drastically increases the heat transfer for more through put without extending the furnace or line. Three metres of the recuperative zone were refitted with a compact 5 MW DFI oxyfuel unit consisting of four burner row sets.

Fuel consumption was reduced by 6 percent and annealing properties over the entire strip width were improved. The strip surface was effectively cleaned from unwanted contaminants such as oil and residues, making it possible to remove a 25 metre strip pre-cleaning section.

More detailed results will be presented by TKS at the 'InSteelCon 2007' at the international steel fair METEC in Duesseldorf in June.

Linde has made over 100 oxyfuel installations internationally in reheating and annealing furnaces, resulting in increased furnace capacity, more flexibility and reduced costs for the steel industry.