Linde LLC has launched a fast and more reliable process to detect leaks in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP).

The high-speed, inline MAPAX® LD leak-detection system will be introduced to the North American market for the first time at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta from the 31st January to the 2nd of February.

The MAPAX LD system is ideal for packaged meat, poultry, seafood and prepared foods packaged with tray sealers or thermoforming machines. It tests packages inline and can achieve 100% sampling at speeds up to 120 packages per minute.

The inline MAPAX leak-detection system offers high accuracy in real-time. It works by adding a small volume of hydrogen (H2) as an indicator to the modified atmosphere mixture at the package sealing stage. The MAPAX LD sensor detects for the gas after the sealed packages travel into the leak-detection unit.

Linde LLC, Program Manager for Prepared Foods, Erik Fihlman, noted, “The MAPAX LD system represents the most advanced technology available to ensure the safety of food products while at the same time improving the speed and quality of packaging operations.”

The MAPAX LD system offers non-destructive package testing. Because testing is inline, if a package leak exists due to a pinhole, tear or defect in the seal, a visual alarm signals so issues can be immediately resolved or investigated. A defective item can be removed from the production line with minimal interruption to the process flow. MAPAX LD also identifies faulty settings on a machine if, for example, several leaks are found consecutively.

MAPAX® LD leak-detection system

MAPAX® LD leak-detection system

Source: Linde LLC