Linde AG has joined the Global Compact initiative established by the United Nations.

The Global Compact represents a global alliance of organisations whose aim is to cooperate with private business to safeguard human rights, ensure labour standards, encourage environmental responsibility and to combat corruption.

With this move, Linde AG has expressed its commitment to the ten principles of the Global Compact.

Prof. Wolfgang Reitzle, President and CEO of Linde AG, said: \\$quot;This understanding is also reflected in our own corporate principles on corporate responsibility. Our principles compel us to act responsibly in terms of our employees, society in general and the environment - worldwide, in every division and at every site.\\$quot;

Within the network of the over 2,000 companies who have joined the Global Compact, Linde will continue to advance the issue of corporate responsibility and will use the opportunity for international exchange in order to ensure that its engagement is as effective as possible. The common objective, in addition to profit-oriented trade, is to manifest the principles of social responsibility and environmental protection, and thus to achieve sustainable globalization.