Linde Gases, a division of Tier One player The Linde Group, has launched its high-pressure metering technology for extrusion foaming using carbon dioxide (CO2).

The DSD 400 system is a specially CO2-adapted system equipped with a high-performance compressor, an accurate mass flow meter and a flexible control valve. Unlike standard membrane-based metering pumps, these features enable it to counterbalance fluctuating extruder pressures under intense climatic conditions.

Dsd 400 unit1 linde cropped

Source: The Linde Group

Additionally, the DSD 400 doesn’t require liquid CO2 pre-cooling, resulting in easier and more reliable handling compared to conventional systems.

The new system is an extension of Linde’s PLASTINUM® Foam E portfolio, ensuring higher levels of accuracy and guaranteeing a constant mass flow.

This added stability delivers constant and identical foam structures during the continuous extrusion foaming process, making the DSD 400 ideal for manufacturing XPS insulation boards in the construction industry.

Andreas Praller, Senior Expert at Linde, outlined, “Linde has always played a leading role in gas technology development for the plastics industry. We are constantly innovating to provide our customers not only with systems to enable them to do their jobs efficiently, but to undertake them cost effectively.”

On the whole, CO2 typically offers a more attractive solution, both financially and operationally, compared to conventional blowing agents, but due to its physical properties when in liquid form such as temperature and pressure, the CO2 must be accurately metered and free of gas bubbles to avoid cavitation issues and ensure the continuity of foamed parts. Linde has developed the DSD 400 as a cost-effective solution.