Linde Gases has launched its innovative mobile technology which economically removes carbon dioxide (CO2) from early flowback natural gas.

The division of the Linde Group has introduced the new mobile gas clean-up unit (MGCU), which uses membrane technology to remove up to 98% of CO2 in a production stream.

The unit has been designed to give producers a cost-effective method to increase recovery and contribute towards green completions, with an emphasis on enhanced productivity, namely Estimated Ultimate Recovery (EUR).

The trailer-mounted skid unit can be deployed in remote locations, is operational within half a day in the majority of cases, and can be shut down, purged and driven to the next location in a short space of time.

Robin Watts, Programme Manager of Well Completions at Linde North America, described, “Linde has created an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to flaring. Our mobile gas cleanup unit scrubs CO2 so producers can monetise early flowback natural gas while minimising flaring and greenhouse gas emissions.”

“Linde has designed the MGCU so operators can employ it profitably even during relatively short windows of operation and at low natural gas prices. It is also designed to be cost-effective at lower process volumes – including associated gas rates from oil wells.”

The MGCU unit has recently been used by San Antonio-based business, Mortimer Exploration Co., to clean up gas from one of its newly completed wells in South Texas, with company President, Glenn Mortimer, saying, “We would have incurred significant additional costs with alternative solutions and lost the revenue we were able to monetise by eliminating flaring and selling the gas into the pipeline.”