Linde Gases, a division of Tier One player The Linde Group, has introduced a number of digital concept solutions for the packaged gases sector.

The company’s latest device in its EVOSTM range, the DCi gas cylinder valve, delivers live data on a cylinder’s location as well as gas information including gas type, volume of gas, rate of gas usage and cylinder temperature.

The modern solution also allows operators to transmit and store data in the Cloud, offering immediate information access and giving customers insight into gas usage and processes.

Linde launched the first model of the EVOS family – the Ci – in 2015, offering an upgrade in standard gas industry valves with added safety and productivity benefits. Since then, the Tier One corporation has been working to upgrade and enhance the gas cylinder valve range.

Added features

Now, the entire EVOS series utilises quick-action levers in place of more traditional hand-wheel mechanisms for opening and closing functions as an extra safety feature. Other new features include a safety ‘interlock’ button, a uniquely-designed guard and optimal grip design, all with a nod to heightened safety and simplicity.

A spokesperson from Linde signified, “Such intelligence can have significant benefits to a gas customer’s business in terms of increased productivity, traceability and user safety, optimisation of inventory and improved supply chain management. EVOS valves are also capable of operating at 300 bar working pressure – significantly more than standard industry valves.”

In addition to remote access to contents and location information, the industrial gas corporation foresees future features such as tilt sensors and accelerometers to detect when a cylinder is falling or has been dropped, as key to improving safety. 

Linde Gases will showcase these technologies at the International Sheet Metal Working Technology Exhibition (EuroBlech) in Hannover, Germany, which takes place from 25th-29th October.