Linde Gases recently launched its new range of G-TECTA™ portable gas detection instruments.

Designed for ease of use and maximum protection against hazardous working conditions, the G-TECTA™ range is suited to people working in potentially dangerous environments, including confined spaces, in industries such as petrochemicals and refining, welding, manufacturing and construction.

G-TECTA™ portable gas detectors are available in single and multi-gas versions and all are manufactured in bright red with a reflective label design to deliver high visibility when worn, ensuring compliance and safety. The multi-gas detectors, which can be configured to detect up to 26 different gases, also have upward facing visual displays, providing the user with enhanced ‘at-a-glance’ awareness of gas levels.

Additionally, all detectors are equipped with alarm systems and a vibration action so the user is also given audible and physical warnings of potentially noxious gases or oxygen displacement. G-TECTA™ sensor technology further ensures reliability and high quality gas readings by providing immediate warning indications in the case of a sensor functionality issue.