Linde has launched its new CRYOWAVE™ hygienic tunnel freezer, which makes individual quick freezing (IQF) quicker and easier.
Linde North America, part of The Linde Group, has launched the CRYOWAVE™ hygienic tunnel freezer.

“The Linde CRYOWAVE freezer is yet another example of how Linde can help processors make safer, higher quality food while maximising production capacity per unit of floor space,” said Mark DiMaggio, Head of Food and Beverage Markets at Linde North America.

The CRYOWAVE freezer is part of the Linde CRYOLINE® family of hygienic freezers. The dual-function CRYOWAVE freezer combines Linde’s industry leading CRYOLINE hygienic tunnel platform with a patented, controllable vibrating system that delivers the highest attainable amount of IQF product.

The CRYOWAVE freezer uses liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide to rapidly crust freeze, sealing in moisture to maintain product quality and yield. Even when running at peak capacity – 15,000 pounds per hour – the CRYOWAVE freezer retains 99.5% of the food product, compared with 98% seen in competing mechanical or cryogenic designs.

“The freezer’s unique design practically eliminates product waste due to breakage, clumping or sticking to the freezing belt so processors can still attain the ‘free flowing’ product characteristics their customers value,” DiMaggio added.

Processors who want to run multiple products or who need to consolidate freezing lines will appreciate the ability to turn off the freezer’s vibrating feature in order to freeze flat, trayed or formed products.

“The CRYOWAVE freezer’s two-in-one freezing capacity means processors get a bigger bang for their buck while conserving floorspace,” DiMaggio said.

Like other freezers in the CRYOLINE family, the CRYOWAVE freezer was designed in accordance with US Department of Agriculture and American Meat Institute guidelines for sanitary design. It has no niches to harbor pathogens and sloped external and internal surfaces to eliminate liquid collection and to facilitate easy draining. It offers complete access to all areas for easy cleaning and inspection, reducing maintenance downtime.