Linde Gases, a division of The Linde Group, has announced the introduction of a new range of welded panels as part of its REDLINE® gas supply equipment range.

The panels, which combine face seal connections with advanced welding techniques, mitigate potential for gas leakage versus more traditional panels which use standard threaded connections.

The welded panels are used to enhance gas supply safety of corrosive or toxic substances such as chlorine, ammonia, hydrogen chloride and hydrogen sulphide.

Over a period of time, standard threaded connection panels are subject to minor vibrations which can result in potential hazardous gas leakage.

The use of welded connections creates a permanent connection, while the use of face seal fittings ensure a leak-tight service from vacuum to positive pressure at the gas supply and distribution connection.

“The new welded panel is undoubtedly an enhancement to our REDLINE® equipment product range,” says Steve Harrison, head of Specialty Gases and Specialty Equipment.

“Linde is constantly innovating in order provide customers with highly effective products to enhance the safety of the environment they work in. The REDLINE® range is particularly effective for environmental emissions monitoring systems to help detect and control some of the most toxic and potentially harmful atmospheric gases and chemicals.”