The Engineering Division of The Linde Group has launched a new service portal for industrial plant operators for rapid identification and ordering of spare parts.

The e-marketplace, known as LINDE PLANTSERV™, can be accessed from any web browser, offering savings of up to 90% to indentify spare parts and up to 30% to get competitive quotes.

Developed by Linde Engineering in collaboration with Linde’s digitalisation team as part of an ‘accelerator process’, LINDE PLANTSERV is being launched as an online platform.

plantserv portal bild

Source: The Linde Group

Linde AG has been working on digital transformation for several years now. In autumn 2016, it set up a Digital Base Camp to fast-track and selectively drive the development of digital product and service prototypes.

LINDE PLANTSERV portal is based on clickable plant diagrams. Each customer can access the pipeline and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) for their plant online and simply click on the spare parts they need. The portal then displays all key specifications along with a list of component suppliers, pricing and timelines.

“We act as an intermediary for spare parts, also offering our customers a complementary component verification service so they can be sure that the parts they select meet the latest quality and safety standards,” explains Dr Ferdinand Kühner, head of what was previously known as Customer Service at Linde Engineering. Now, the department operates under the name LINDE PLANTSERV™, combining and connecting a broad spectrum of service offerings.

The Tier One company said the online portal also highlights the huge potential that digital data holds for the efficient operation of industrial plants.

In a press release, the company explaned, “Linde can provide detailed insights into process flows by linking P&IDs with the vast data streams generated by sensors measuring indicators such as pressure, temperature and flow rates, and analysing these connections with intelligent algorithms. The LINDE PLANTSERV team will use this flow of data to support condition-based monitoring. By continuously monitoring plants, the team will be able to predict incidents before they happen and ensure that spare parts are ordered in good time. In future, plant operators will also be able to efficiently organise upcoming work by logging in to LINDE PLANTSERV portal. They can plan turnarounds, maintenance and repairs more quickly and easily than ever before.”

Linde’s all-round LINDE PLANTSERV™ concept provides operators with help and support over the entire lifecycle of their plants, which in some cases can be up to fifty years. The portfolio of services ranges from training, maintenance and repairs through spare parts management, operational support and plant modifications to the digital services mentioned above.

The modernisation and restructuring of plants – known as revamping – is another important focus for the LINDE PLANTSERV team. “Our job starts once a plant goes on stream. We want to ensure customers are happy and can look forward to successful operations well into the future. This will make them more likely to return to Linde Engineering as they know that they will always receive professional support from us,” added Kühner.