Linde LLC has recently collaborated with a leading energy company, Prometheus Energy Group, to help a Pennsylvania utility maintain sufficient gas line pressure in its local network.

Linde supported Prometheus’ operation by supplying two large LNG storage trailers and two special vaporizers that inject natural gas at the correct temperature, pressure, and flow rate into the utility’s pipeline system.

Leslie Waller, Head of Chemistry, Energy and Environmental for Linde Americas, said, “Because this was a short-term project, our mobile LNG equipment and our unique customer service capabilities were critical to ensuring that the utility’s local customers had sufficient natural gas service during the cold winter months.”

“We are experiencing similar demand from other utilities around the country during extreme temperature swings in both the summer and winter seasons,” Waller explained.

Prometheus Energy had two other installations with their client and requested Linde as a subcontractor for this third project.

Jim Aivalis, CEO of Prometheus Energy, said, “Prometheus has been very active supporting utilities and industrial customers throughout the US.”

“We were called upon as a preferred supplier to complete a project with limited planning time. We turned to Linde as a subcontractor for available equipment and support based on their experience, capabilities and equipment solutions. Our customer was very satisfied with the level of service and the commitment to safety demonstrated by Prometheus with our collaboration with the Linde Group,” Aivalis continued.

In addition to permanent storage and vaporization stations, Linde owns an expanding fleet of temporary, mobile equipment which has been designed, engineered, constructed, and operated to meet the needs of a broad cross-section of industries.