Linde offers to license its advanced ultrasonic cylinder retesting technology.

Linde North America offers to license advanced ultrasonic examination (UE) technology for retesting of gas cylinders. The technology, a replacement for hydrostatic testing methodology, is available to medical, specialty, industrial gas distributors and hydrostatic retest companies.

John O’Neil, Manager of ultrasonic testing and failure analysis for Linde North America, described the new technology on offer as “superior” to the traditional hydrostatic (water) method.

O’Neil, stated, “We’ve been using this technology at our plant in RTP, North Carolina, and other locations for the past 15 years. Now we’re offering it for license to interested distributors and hydrostatic retesting vendors to give them access to the most advanced method of retesting cylinders available.”

UE differs from conventional hydrostatic testing as it is completely external, using ultrasonic waves to inspect the inside of cylinders to detect flaws. Hence, cylinder valves do not need removal while water also does not need to be introduced into the cylinder.

The regulating body, the Department of Transportation, granted Linde approval to extend the re-qualification period of aluminium cylinders from the normal five years to 10 years under a special permit. O’Neil remarked, “This special permit allows aluminium cylinders to remain in service twice as long and may be transferred to distributors licensing Linde’s technology.”