Linde LLC is supporting two growing areas for the global seafood industry with advanced technologies that improve quality and productivity.

The North American branch of the Tier One player is a pioneer in industrial gas technologies for the food industry and was the first supplier to certify all of its CO2 plants to a benchmarked Food Safety System Certification in June 2012.

The first technology that Linde is marketing is its CRYOLINE® CW (CRYOWAVE®) IQF freezer, which uses a patented rolling-wave action on the conveyor belt to keep seafood items separate as they are individually quick frozen (IQF). The hygienically-designed freezers can be equipped with either liquid nitrogen (N2) or CO2 and is ideal for processing smaller items such as shrimps and scallops.

seafood use

Linde designed the CRYOWAVE technology to provide lower operating costs than flighted freezers and eliminate CO2 snow carryover into the exiting IQF seafood.

The company’s second technology is its new SOLVOX® oxygenation system for aquaculture, which has been designed to offer a simple drop-in solution for seawater species grown in fish tanks and sea cages to promote fish health throughout the growth cycle. SOLVOX systems are ideal for high-value export species such as salmon, seabass and other species farmed primarily for the local market.

Erik Fihlman, Programme Manager of Seafood and Prepared Foods at Linde, highlighted, “Flavour is king in the seafood industry, and the quality of consistency of the freezing process is critical to seafood brands expanding regionally, nationally or internationally.”

“Our inline cryogenic freezers apply a rapid freeze that helps protect the natural texture and flavor of the seafood, better and longer than conventional freezing methods.”

The industrial gas conglomerate supports the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and the advancement of food safety. In addition, the company has a Food Safety Management System in place for all bulk CO2 plants and air separation facilities supplying the food and beverage industry in North America.

The CRYOLINE IQF freezer and SOLVOX oxygenation system will be featured at Seafood Expo North American in Boston, running from 19th-21st March.

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