The Government of Hungary has named Linde among the country’s top 50 essential companies.

Linde Hungary has been producing essential products and services in the fight against coronavirus.

The recognition of its important work during this critical time means that authorities will provide Linde Hungary with strong support to ensure a reliable oxygen supply.

Some of Linde Hungary’s outstanding accomplishments include building gas systems in a mobile, 150-bed hospital in less than 20 days and providing installations for the emergency hospital in Budapest’s Expo area, comprised of 400 beds, in only one month.

The Linde team in Hungary has also established 15 new tanks and more than 10 kilometers of pipelines, with 5,000 gas outlets. These installations can provide ventilation or oxygen therapy for approximately 3,000 patient beds.

Hungary currently has just under 3,284 cases and 421 fatalities according to the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University.

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Source: Linde Hungary