Linde North America has received certification of its Kittery, Maine, air separation plant under the American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) Responsible Care® programme.

Earlier this year, Linde’s corporate headquarters in Murray Hill, New Jersey received certification under the Responsible Care programme. The Kittery plant is the first of eight additional locations on track to be certified before the end of the year.

The ACC is an association of producers, manufacturers and suppliers of chemical products.

The Kittery plant has been in operation since 1984 and separates air cryogenically to produce over 400 tons per day (tpd) of liquid oxygen, nitrogen and argon.

These products are trucked to hospitals, food processors, biopharmaceutical manufacturers and wastewater treatment facilities throughout New England, as well as Quebec and New Brunswick, Canada.

Responsible Care is a globally recognised management system aimed at helping companies improve performance in areas such as safety, health, environment and security. Certification is mandatory for all ACC member companies, which must undergo headquarter and facility audits by an independent, accredited auditor to verify that they have a structure and system in place that manages and measures performance.

Implementing the Responsible Care system is a multi-step process. Companies must first plan – identify, assess and evaluate potential hazards and risks associated with their products, processes and operations – and establish goals and objectives to address any significant hazards or risks.

Next, they must do what they have planned, checking their progress along the way to measure performance and take necessary corrective actions.