One of Linde’s newest air separation plants has become the first in the company's extensive network of US facilities to be fully rebranded, with new Linde logos and colours.

The Cartersville plant, Linde’s largest in Georgia, cryogenically separates air to produce over 800 tpd of liquid oxygen and nitrogen. It has become the first to be representative of the Linde North America brand.

Linde AG acquired The BOC Group, PLC in September 2006 to form The Linde Group, of which Linde North America is a member. Since then, a process of integration and rebranding has taken place, with the new plant in Georgia one of many to befit the new banner.

Rebranding the Cartersville plant is part of an intensive process that ultimately will result in the rebranding of every facility, vehicle and tank in the US and Canada. A programme expected to take between five and seven years to complete.

The new logo consists of the pre-existing Linde logo and The Linde Group word mark on a blue background, separated by a graphic that is emblematic of a gas stream. In combination, the logo reflects Linde North America’s membership in The Linde Group suite of businesses, which includes gases and engineering.

“Our new logo represents the new global and regional strengths of Linde in the gases and other businesses. It also represents the Linde brand, which stands for the unsurpassed value Linde delivers to all our customers in North America,” explained Pat Murphy, President of Linde North America.

Such strengths include over $2bn in sales in North America and nearly 5,000 employees. Linde’s North American network of 400 locations, including plants, sales offices and retail outlets, and 1,800 trailers and railcars in the US and Canada are all included the rebranding programme.

The process also includes more than 6,100 cryogenic storage tanks at customer sites.