AGA Gas AB, the Swedish subsidiary of Linde AG opened a new speciality gas plant in Sweden.

The plant can produce gases to an extremely high degree and most advanced mixtures and deliver to clients in Sweden as well as in all other Scandinavian countries and the rest of the Europe.

Linde AG announced the new applications and the growing demand.

The new plant at Enköping can deliver a purity of 6.0 (99,9999= six nines) as standard, parts per million. Even a purity of 7.0 can be managed on demand.

The highly pure gases or mixtures of gases are often used for calibration purposes in Research And Development, as well as for environmental measuring.

New applications within the semiconductor and electronics industry, laboratories and universities/institutes require more sophisticated specifications, efficient handling and fast delivery.

Approximately 90% of the speciality gases are filled from pallet, the rest in the so called manual filling, where one cylinder at a time is being filled. Within the months ECOCYL® cylinder filling will be introduced at Enköping.

The ECOCYL® cylinder filling

This is a new refillable small gas cylinder for speciality gas mixtures with built in regulators, which are mainly used for calibration of monitoring systems for environmental measurements.

With the AGA plant in Sweden Linde gas has implemented the latest modern technology for speciality gases.