The Zemship filling station is located in the Hamburg city park and will provides regular fill-ups of hydrogen gas for their $quot;zero emissions ships$quot;.

The first passenger ship for 100 people to be operated via a hydrogen fuel cell will convey passengers on both the Alster as well as the Elbe rivers. For fuelling, liquid hydrogen stored at a temperature of minus 253 °C is transformed into hydrogen gas in an evaporator and then compressed up to 450 bar via a two-stage compressor system. The complete fuelling station was designed and built by Linde.

$quot;As a pioneer in hydrogen technology, we want to make environmentally-friendly, hydrogen-based locomotion a reality in all areas. With this globally unique filling station, we are showing that hydrogen is well-suited as an emissions-free fuel for passenger ships,$quot; said Dr Aldo Belloni, Member of the Executive Board of Linde AG.

With 120,000 hydrogen fill-ups by the end of last year, the company has set a new fuelling record. This includes passenger cars with an average 300 fill-ups per week as well as lorries, busses and forklifts.

Linde is the leading international equipment supplier for hydrogen fuelling stations. The gas company is represented in 15 countries with fuelling technology. The use of hydrogen as a fuel for motors does not cause any damaging emissions. Electrical energy is created in the fuel cell with the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen to water with an efficiency of up to 70 per cent.