Linde among others will be attending this year\\$quot;s Wire 2006, an exhibition devoted to wire, cable, and wire-processing industries.

The event gathers experts from all corners of the earth to setting up closer business contacts and for intensifying existing relations with customers.

Additionally Tube 2006 will be running parallel to the wire fair in the neighbouring halls. This international tube trade fair informs people about the innovations and the future prospects for tube technology.

This year German Linde will be presenting their gas atmosphere solutions and show new technologies for the tube industries.

The company said: \\$quot;For an optimum tube quality and a high productivity in heat treatment processes, the furnace atmosphere is one of the key issues. Control systems and advanced hardware developed by Linde Gas in Munich has shown to improve the efficiency in heat treatment processes.

\\$quot;Our gas atmosphere solution are Carboflex \\$quot;“ bright annealing of steel tubes with carbon content and control systems \\$quot;“ and Hydroflex \\$quot;“ bright annealing of copper tubes and high quality stainless steel brazing with nitrogen and hydrogen atmospheres and control systems.\\$quot;

Linde also presents new technologies for the tube industry including Carbojet, which is a gas injection for higher carbon transfer and faster atmosphere changes and Frioflex, which is a high-speed \\$quot;“ productivity increase with high-speed jet impingement cooling.