Linde Gas in the US is promoting its specialised gas product expertise, HAZMAT support and safety capabilities uniquely tailored for university environments.

The company has fielded a dedicated team whose market focus is university and life sciences, tapping into Linde\\$quot;s global resources to help university personnel better understand their gas supply situations.

In collaboration with Linde\\$quot;s multi-disciplinary technical gas experts, colleges and universities can now take full advantage of Linde\\$quot;s world-class portfolio of industrial and speciality gas products and equipment, greatly simplifying how they manage their resources.

As a component of its university segment focus, Linde Gas has introduced a lecture bottle (LB) replacement programme that demonstrates immediate safety and economic benefits. This programme is specific to LB conversion in which Linde completes a site inventory, provides removal procedures and assistance, and replaces all future LB purchases with the environmentally friendly, returnable and refillable EcoCyl® \\$quot;“ Linde\\$quot;s proprietary portable speciality chemical package.

In a university setting, Linde Gas eliminates the regulatory costs and substantial hazardous waste removal concerns associated with reactive and non-reactive lecture bottles. In the midst of implementation at Boston University (BU), this programme is solving a complex challenge for BU by helping to resolve the \\$quot;˜disconnect\\$quot; among its safety officers, purchasing and academic end-users.

"The Linde Gas team made time to understand the dynamics of the BU system, offering solutions for everything required for gas supply, and more," said Matt Mansfield, BU associate director of lab purchasing.