Linde Gases, a division of The Linde Group has announced the introduction of a new ergonomically designed electronic welding helmet.

Dubbed the ‘OHE350’, the helmet has been specially adapted for use in arc welding. It offers a high level of protection for those working across a variety of welding applications.

According to Linde a great deal of expertise has gone into this product. Peter Upcott, Global Safety Manager for Linde, explained, “Linde has always played a pioneering role in developing leading edge gas technology and equipment for the welding industry.”

He continued, “Our knowledge and expertise was utilised in the design of this new welding helmet. We understand the need for protection and are in an ideal position to provide solutions and support.”

The new headgear will be available across Linde's scope, in Australia, New Zealand, UK, South Africa, Canada, Eastern Europe and South America.

The helmet’s robust but lightweight shell is designed to minimise the amount of welding fume in the immediate breathing space of the user. Similarly, the ergonomic design and lightness has been designed for comfort, while it also benefits from a high speed electronic darkening filter lense – which offers complete UV and IR light protection.

Furthermore, the lense boasts a ‘switching time’ from clear to dark in 0.0005 seconds which enables responsive, immediate protection. And if these assets weren’t enough, the lens also meets environmental standards thanks to its solar power cells and back-up lithium battery.