Gases and engineering company Linde Group is to install four fuel cell power plants at customer locations in the San Diego area which will use methane gas, sourced from the Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant (PLWTP) in California, US.

Acquired from FuelCell Energy, the plants include three 1.2 megawatt plants and one 300 kilowatt plant and could lead to considerable market opportunities. Bruce Ludemann, FuelCell Energy’s senior vice president of sales and marketing, explained, “By partnering with a global gas company like Linde, we are in a position to open entirely new markets transporting biogas from generators like wastewater treatment plants to industrial and commercial customers for the production of on-site renewable electricity.”

“Not only will this collaboration lead to a much greater use of biofuels to generate ultra-clean power, but it will also make green energy economical for customers that want to be carbon neutral and contribute to greenhouse gas reduction worldwide,” he added.

Linde's purchase has been partially funded by California's Self-generation Incentive Programme and the federal investment Tax Credit for fuel cells.