Sun, sea and ice-cream. Whether at an ice-cream parlour, at the beach or at home – summer just wouldn’t be the same without it.

Getting home deliveries of iced desserts has been anything but easy up to now, however. Whereas piping hot pizzas can be delivered just about anywhere, ice-cream delivery presents much greater challenges – from exceedingly hot temperatures on the transport route to overly complicated cooling methods for delivery trucks. But a small ice-cream maker in northern Germany is proving that it can be done – with help from Linde.

The website of IceGuerilla looks like a typical ice-cream parlour: you can choose from 24 different flavours and add interesting toppings like chilli flakes or white chocolate to your 500ml tub.

What is not so typical, however, is what happens after you have made your selection. The ice-cream is packed into a transport box cooled with dry ice and dispatched from Beeskow in Brandenburg to customers anywhere in Germany. IceGuerilla chef Ralf Schulze worked closely with Tilo Großmann, a sales advisor with Linde Food & Beverages, to design a customised container. The result is a recipe for success.

“The ice-cream stays perfectly frozen in the container for up to 75 hours,” confirms Großmann. “The dry ice we supply is the perfect solution for uniform, long-lasting cooling power.”

Großmann recalls that he met the customer purely by chance. “A colleague referred me to a newspaper article about a small ice-cream producer who was famous for his vanilla ice-cream. I immediately thought that he might be interested in our cryogenic products.”

Großmann contacted business owner Schulze and quickly arranged a meeting, where he found out about the planned ice-cream delivery service. Soon, thanks to huge demand from across Germany, the delivery reach for the popular ice-cream could be expanded to Austria, Poland and Switzerland.

In order to meet growing demand, Schulze is even planning to set up his own ice-cream factory near Beeskow. Großmann has revealed that Linde would be able to support this project not only with dry ice but also with other complementary cryogenic products.