Linde Farmadomo has been recognised for its sterling work in an independent sleep survey, run by the Patients Organisation Group in the Netherlands.

The sleep apnoea care provision company, which is part of Linde Healthcare, a business of The Linde Group, was awarded the highest and most consistent rankings across key aspects of patient care.

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) is a common condition which can severly impair a person’s sleep and is caused by the cessation of airflow by an obstruction such as partial or complete closure of the pharynx, preventing air from entering the lungs.

The survey, ‘Top Clinics, Diagnosis Suppliers and Unpaid Therapists – A survey on Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Patient Satisfaction’, was conducted in October 2008 and investigated the experiences of patients using continuous positive airway pressure equipment, as part of their sleep therapy.

Almost 5,700 patient responses were analysed, with Linde Farmadomo significantly and consistently outperforming competitive providers.

Results included respondents rating Linde as providing greatest patient satisfaction overall and 96% of respondents who had experience of Linde Farmadomo agreeing they would recommend Linde as home care provider of choice.

“Linde Farmadomo stands head and shoulders above other providers,” said Piet Hein van Mechelen, Board Chairman of Patients Organisation Group.

The Group is an independent voluntary body, comprised of patients, doctors and insurance company representatives.

Gildas Bonduelle, Global Business Development Manager for Linde Healthcare said, “As World Sleep Day approaches we are particularly delighted at the results of the survey, which validates our position as a leading provider of home care services in sleep therapy and demonstrates patients’ continued confidence in Linde.”

“The Patient Organisation Group is unusual in its level of not only independence, but also influence, which makes these results all the more rewarding.”