Oxyfuel technology plus know how developed and deployed by Linde North America, a member of The Linde Group, has helped ArcelorMittal win the Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST) 2009 Energy Achievement Award.

The award recognises ArcelorMittal’s efforts to reduce fuel consumption by nearly two-thirds in the billet reheating operation at its Shelby, Ohio, seamless tube mill.

ArcelorMittal is the world's largest and most global steel company.

AIST, whose membership includes iron and steel producers and their suppliers, presents the award annually to an individual or organisation to recognise their deployment and use of innovative new technologies or practices that result in significant energy conservation improvements.

To qualify, awardees must have operated and realised the energy benefits for at least two years to ensure the solution is credible and sustainable.

ArcelorMittal received the award in January for its work to implement Linde REBOX® oxyfuel solutions on its rotary hearth furnace.

Linde and ArcelorMittal worked together to convert the furnace from air-fuel to complete flameless oxyfuel operation.

Following the successful 2007 implementation of a Linde REBOX oxyfuel technical solution, ArcelorMittal realised a 60% reduction in the furnace’s total fuel consumption, compared to the original air-fuel operation.

The Linde technology also reduced the furnace’s annual nitrogen oxide emissions output by 92% and annual carbon dioxide emissions by up to 60% below the prior air-fuel performance. The conversion also enabled ArcelorMittal to achieve a 25% increase in material throughput and a 50% reduction in scale formation.

Grzegorz Moroz, the Senior Engineer from Linde who led the project, said, “Receiving the AIST Energy Achievement award validates Linde’s ability to create great value for Arcelor Mittal and echoes what operators of 120 other steel reheat furnaces around the world have realised with Linde’s REBOX solutions: reduced fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and lower operating costs.”

“Linde’s turnkey solution is a must for steel producers who want to achieve significant operational improvements on existing equipment without making a large capital investment. Thousands of high temperature steel reheat and annealing furnaces currently operating around the world could benefit from implementing the REBOX Oxyfuel technologies.”

Mike Lantz, Senior Process Engineer and oxyfuel conversion Project Manager for ArcelorMittal, said, “It is an honour to have received the 2009 AIST Energy Achievement Award. It recognises ArcelorMittal’s strategic commitment to sustainability.”'

Jerome Granboulan, Vice President of ArcelorMittal and CEO of Tubular Products, said, “As an industry leader, we focus on maintaining operational excellence while investing in projects that will strengthen our cost position and improve environmental performance.”

Linde REBOX oxyfuel solutions enable rolling mills, forge shops, annealing operations and hot-dip galvanizing lines to increase furnace throughput by as much as 50% and improve operational flexibility, heating performance and temperature uniformity while reducing scale formation and cutting fuel consumption.