The Linde Group has signed a contract with Praxair Inc., to supply a hydrogen (H2) plant. The plant will be part of Praxair’s hydrogen system in Louisiana.

The H2 plant will have a production capacity of over 190,000 Nm3/hr of high-purity hydrogen and will also generate steam.

“We are very pleased with this second major order from Praxair to supply a large hydrogen plant within a few months,” said Dr Chrisitan Bruch, Member of the Executive Board of Linde AG and responsible for the company’s plant engineering business.

Linde receives major order from Praxair to supply a hydrogen plant in the US

“Our well-founded and customer-oriented engineering solutions are the basis of this success,” Bruch continued. 

The order included the steam-methane reformer, designed and supplied by Linde subsidiary Selas Linde in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, the pressure swing adsorption unit, and the balance of the core plant.

Linde’s Engineering Division is responsible for the design and supply of the equipment for the core components of the hydrogen plant.

The new plant will be highly modularised with reliability and energy efficiency and is scheduled to come on stream in 2021.