Linde North America’s Toledo, Ohio, hydrogen plant has earned Linde its seventh certification under a globally recognised care programme.

Responsible Care is a management system run by the American Chemistry Council (ACC), aimed at helping companies improve performance in areas such as safety, health, environment and security.

Certification is mandatory for all ACC member companies, which must undergo headquarters and facility audits to verify that they have a structure and system in place that manages and measures performance.

In 2008, Linde was awarded certification for five of its other production locations, as well as for its corporate headquarters in Murray Hill, NJ.

Linde’s Toledo plant, which began operating in 2006 and employs 12 people, is the latest location to receive recognition.

Located at the Sunoco refinery site in Toledo, it supplies up to 120 million standard cubic feet a day of hydrogen to the Sunoco and BP oil refineries for cleaner-burning fuel production, as well as high pressure steam to the Sunoco refinery for general use.

Operations manager for the plant, Bob Flage said, “The Toledo plant is surrounded by residential neighbourhoods, which intensifies our responsibilities in terms of safety and the environment.”

“The plant’s successful certification shows how committed Linde is to Responsible Care by safely serving our customers and protecting our employees, neighbours and environment.”

Implementing the Responsible Care system is a multi-step process; companies must identify potential hazards and risks, establish goals and objectives to address them, put into practice what they have planned, check their progress along the way to measure performance, and take necessary corrective actions.

Charlie Koehler, Vice President of safety, health, environment and quality for Linde North America said, “The management team and its staff at our Toledo plant are to be congratulated for the great effort they’ve given to meet the rigorous requirements for this certification.”