Linde LLC has received its second certification of its Kittery, Maine, air separation plant under the American Chemistry Council (ACC) Responsible Care® program.

The plant received its first certification in 2008.

The Kittery plant has been in operation since 1984. It separates air cryogenically to produce 485 tonnes a day of liquid oxygen (O), nitrogen (N) and argon (Ar). These products are then distributed throughout the New England states to be used in hospitals, electronics and semiconductor manufacturers, as well as customers in the food and beverage, pulp and paper and pharmaceutical industries.

“The re-certification of the Kittery plant is proof of Linde’s commitment to being a responsible provider of industrial gases,” said Bruce Toohey, Zone Production Manager - Kittery.

“The team’s continuing dedication to this certification stems from a long and meaningful relationship with the Kittery community, symbolised by the first image seen from I-95 as you enter the state – a large lobster decal (a well-known symbol of Maine) on our oxygen tank. The lobster truly represents our involvement in the community and our commitment to be a good and responsive corporate citizen.”

Lobster decal on Linde oxygen tank

Lobster decal on Linde oxygen tank

“I congratulate and thank my colleagues at the Kittery plant for this achievement which is aligned with our organisation’s commitment to reaching excellence by safely and effectively serving our customers and provide outstanding customer experience every day,” said Holly Jerdi, Head of Health, Safety and Environment.