Linde signed a record 36 new small on-site contracts during 2020, the industrial gas giant confirmed today (5th May).

Sharing the news, Linde said the contract figure is a 20% increase compared to the prior year, despite a more challenging economical environment.

Throughout 2020, the company signed new agreements with customers across multiple end-markets, including pharmaceuticals, electronics, mining, solar panels and aerospace.

In addition to meeting its investment criteria, the long-term agreements offer a steady revenue stream that will contribute directly to underlying growth.

Linde said the majority of the new contracts are separate from its reported project backlog. 

“Throughout 2020, we continued to unlock value by leveraging Linde’s comprehensive portfolio of products and technologies,” said Sanjiv Lamba, Chief Operating Officer at Linde.

“By offering our customers a range of solutions, not only are we helping them to increase their efficiency, but we are also helping them to reduce their carbon footprint.”

In addition to signing a record number of new contracts, Linde started up 27 small on-site plants during 2020.