Linde showcases cold spray technology at upcoming conference
This year’s Cold Spray Conference is to provide Linde the opportunity to showcase its new thermal spray technology. The ASM Thermal Spray Society is hosting a two-day meeting on Cold Spray Technology between 27th and 28th September, at the Hilton Akron / Fairlawn Hotel in Akron, Ohio.
During the conference, Linde thermal spray experts from Linde North America will be on hand to present company developed equipment to support cold spray and thermal cooling technologies. Werner Kroemmer, Project Manager of Thermal Spraying for Linde, advised, “Linde has been a major player in the thermal spray market for decades and offers a variety of process and equipment solutions under the LINSPRAY® trade name.”
Kroemmer is based in Munich, Germany, he added, “We prototype and conduct feasibility studies in our lab for our clients using all classic coating technologies. We also continually work to develop new coating processes, such as cold spray, along with the required optimised supply equipment.”
Spotlight on Cold Spray:
Cold Spray is a process of producing coatings on a metallic or dielectric substrate utilising a high velocity jet of small particles accelerated by expanding compressed gas. These technologies have extremely low amounts of oxidisation and are exceptionally dense. Joe Berkmanns, Manufacturing Segment Manager of Linde North America and a Co-presenter with Kroemmer, explained, “New applications are being developed constantly. Current uses are found in the automobile and electronic industries for, among other things, protection against high temperatures, corrosion and wear.” Other industries that use cold spray technologies include the medical, aerospace, printing and nuclear sectors.
The Presentation
Kroemmer and Berkmanns are to deliver, “Gas Supply Solutions for Thermal Spraying” in the afternoon session on Monday, 27th September. It will concentrate on the supply of gases such as nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide at elevated pressures and volumes. It shall cover the features, benefits and setup of several booster systems:
• For pressure requirements up to 4000psi, Linde offers a hydraulically driven cryogenic pump, which is virtually silent and has a high, overall electrical efficiency.
• For medium supply pressure demands between 250-500psi, required by less powerful cold spray equipment, Linde provides boosters that use ambient vaporization to bring cryogenic liquid up to the desired pressure.
• The presentation will also address CO₂ as a high efficiency cooling aid using air-driven booster technology and supply systems.