The Linde Group will be the sole supplier of hydrogen (H2) fuel and H2 technology expertise at this year’s Make the Future Live London. As part of Linde’s H2 showcase at the event, the company will be inviting members of the public to explore the story of Linde H2.

At the heart of this innovative festival is Shell Eco-marathon Europe, a unique competition that challenges students to design and build energy-efficient cars and then drive them on a purpose built track to see which can travel the furthest distance on the equivalent of a litre of fuel. The annual competition takes place in Asia, the Americas and Europe, with the London leg of the competition taking place from the 25th-28th May in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

This year will mark the seventh consecutive year Linde has sponsored the event by supporting student teams entering the H2 -powered fuel cell class with both H2 and technical assistance.

As part of Linde’s H2 showcase at the event, the company will be inviting members of the public to explore the story of Linde H2 using augmented reality-enabled tablets – including what is H2; how H2 is produced, stored and distributed; H2 refuelling technologies; the various applications for transportation and the benefits H2 delivers for cleaner air. There will also be an innovative installation using infinity mirrors to demonstrate the enormous impact H2 could have on London’s air quality if all public buses in the city ran on H2 (currently only eight out of a total of 9,300 buses are H2 fuelled).

Linde will also showcase its innovative HYMERATM H2 fuel cell generator, the world’s first high-efficiency, portable H2 fuel cell generator. HYMERATM is capable of charging as many as 40 mobile phones at a time and will enable Shell Eco-marathon participants to stay connected during the competition.

Sue Graham Johnston, Managing Director of BOC, Linde’s UK subsidiary, stated, “We are immensely proud to continue our relationship with Shell and we share a commitment to realising the vast environmental benefits which can be delivered by alternative fuels.”

“Linde is passionate about developing technologies to enable cleaner air and encouraging future generations to not only embrace those technologies but to refine and advance them,” Johnston added.

Using H2 as a transport fuel has huge environmental benefits, as the only exhaust emission it creates is water. Reducing emissions is a top priority for the government, and the Department for Environment & Rural Affairs has recently shared its proposals for plans to reduce emissions that include the introduction of Clean Air Zones around the UK.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, a long-time advocate of clean air legislation, has announced the introduction of an Ultra-Low Emission Zone in the city to from April 2019 for vehicles above exhaust emissions standards, and a Toxicity Charge for the city’s most polluting vehicles, to come into effect in October this year.

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Linde is a global leader in H2 fuelling technology and has built the largest H2 fuelling infrastructure system in the world with more than 150 separate stations in 15 countries. Linde and subsidiary BOC lead the Aberdeen Hydrogen Bus Project, whose formation led to the UK’s first and largest H2 production and bus refuelling station and Europe’s largest H2 bus fleet.