Linde’s joint venture, Linde LienHwa (LLH), will invest approximately $100m to build three new high purity on-site plants under a long-term agreement with a major electronics company in Taiwan, the world’s largest industrial gases group said today.

Linde will build, own and operate three state-of-the-art SPECTRA generators to produce high purity nitrogen, oxygen, and argon. Following planned completion in 2021, the plants will have a combined total gas capacity of 125,000 Nm3 per hour to support the customer’s new multi-billion-dollar wafer fab expansion.

“LLH is proud to have been selected to provide critical high purity gases to our customer’s new wafer fab complex. This agreement is a recognition of LLH’s proven track record of more than 30 years of reliable supply to the semiconductor industry in Taiwan,” said Alex Tong, President of Linde LienHwa.