Linde (formerly AGA) has started up a new air separation plant (ASU) outside Vejle in Denmark.

According to the company, the ASU’s capacity is three times larger than Linde’s previous production facility in Copenhagen.

“Our increased production capacity enables us to meet the steadily increasing demand that we have seen for several years from our increasing number of customers,” said Linde’s Marketing Manager Ole Kronborg.

“At the same time, our new facility ensures that we can intensify the work of developing new applications for the gases.”

The capacity of the new ASU gives Linde’s customers in Denmark and the surrounding area an enhanced security of supply.

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Source: Linde

The new air separation plant (ASU) in Vejle, Denmark.

“With the new production facility, we strengthen our already unique delivery security. It is crucial for our customers and their production that they can trust a continuous gas supply,” said Kronborg.

Food, medicine and electronics

The raw material at Linde’s new production facility is ordinary air. Linde cleans and cools the air to about -200 degrees, where, among other things, the gases oxygen and nitrogen are changed into liquids that can be distilled from each other.

The possibilities for use are innumerable – the gases are used, for example, for pharmaceutical production, electronics production, oxygen for patients in hospitals, welding and cutting in the steel industry, oxygenation of fish farms and purification of wastewater and freezing and cooling of food.

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