Linde has started up a new air separation unit (ASU) in Freeport, Texas, which further expands the industrial gas giant’s capacity on the US Gulf Coast.

The new ASU will supply oxygen and nitrogen to MEGlobal’s new ethylene glycol (EG) plant in Oyster Creek, Texas, for use in its EG manufacturing process. The ASU will also supply Linde’s extensive industrial gas pipeline system and add new argon capacity.

In addition to the ASU, Linde started a new carbon dioxide (CO2) plant in Freeport, Texas, that will recycle the crude CO2 supplied from an MEGlobal process. The crude CO2 will be purified and liquefied into commercial grades to serve customers in a variety of industries, including food and beverage, where it is used to carbonate drinks, as well as to freeze, chill, preserve and package food.

“We are excited to supply MEGlobal’s new facility in Oyster Creek,” said Jeff Barnhard, Vice-President South Region, Linde.

“The new ASU and the expansion of our Gulf Coast pipeline system further strengthen Linde’s ability to reliably supply customers throughout the region and positions us for future growth in the US Gulf Coast.”

EG is used as a raw material in a variety of products, such as polyester fibers, polyethylene terephthalate resins for liquid and food containers, and other industrial applications.

The US-German also announced earlier this month it has started up a new ASU and effectively doubling the production capacity of its existing plant at Mims, Florida.