Linde has started up a $200m on-site facility in Qinzhou, China, to supply oxygen and other industrial gases to Shanghai Huayi’s new chemical complex.

Announcing its latest development today (28th July), the industrial gas giant said the facility features three air separation units (ASUs) which will supply up to 7,500 tonnes of oxygen daily.

The ASUs will also supply 5,000 tonnes of nitrogen a day.

On the start-up, Will Li, Head of Greater China, Linde, said, “The start-up of our Qinzhou facility is a significant milestone in our long-standing relationship with Shanghai Huayi and we are proud to support its continued growth.”

“With the new project one stream, we look forward to opening new avenues of cooperation between Linde and Shanghai Huayi as we continue to increase our network density in China.”

Linde’s technology will allow for the safe supply to Shanghai Huayi through its pipeline at the new chemical complex. By supplying various companies from one facility, the company will both lower its energy consumption and carbon emissions.