Experts from Linde LLC and SUEZ will detail a new solution for lowering ozone production by reducing oxygen (O2) consumption in a presentation at this year’s International Ozone Association (IOA) World Congress.

The IOA is a non-profit educational association focused on the safe and effective use of technologies for aquarium use, municipal water, municipal wastewater and industrial process applications to protect public health and the environment. The 23rd IOA World Congress and Exhibition is set for 13th – 17th August.

In a statement, Linde said, “About 90% of the O2 used in corona discharge processing is not converted to ozone (O3) and is wasted at a high cost to O3 producers. Steve Finley, Environmental Manager, Application Technologies for Linde LLC, and Christopher Huynh, Senior Market Manager from SUEZ, will present an overview of the new OZORATM oxygen recovery system, a Linde-owned technology to recycle unused O2 in O3 production. The presentation will include results from trials conducted in collaboration with SUEZ, a leading manufacturer of Ozone generators and prominent player in the water treatment industry.”

The statement continued, “The patented OZORA system from Linde efficiently separates O3 and recycles oxygen back to the O3 generator, therefore reducing O2 consumption by up to 60%. The system can be sized to match new O3 generation systems, or engineered to retrofit existing O3 production operations.”

In addition to the new OZORA system, Linde LLC offers solutions which can cost-effectively improve productivity while meeting environmental control issues for the municipal water treatment and industrial wastewater, pulp and paper, and industrial chemical industries.