The Nomination Committee of the Supervisory Board of Linde AG, will recommend Professor Dr. Wolfgang Reitzle to become Chairman of its Supervisory Board.

Dr. Reitzle, who resigned at Linde in May 2014 after 11 years in authority, was generally considered to be one of the company’s most successful CEOs. But due to corporate governance rules in Germany, he was unable to become the Tier One’s Supervisory Board Chairman immediately back in 2014.

A final decision will be made in the Annual General Meeting, which is to be held on the 3rd May and the election result will become effective as of 21st May this year, after expiration of the legally required cooling-off period of two years.

As intended, the current Chairman of Linde’s Supervisory Board, Dr Manfred Schneider, has resigned with effect from 20th May 2016, so it will be proposed to elect Dr. Reitzle as replacement Chairman, effective immediately after Schneider’s renunciation.