Linde Hydrogen FuelTech is supplying its proprietary cryopump technology for the first public hydrogen station in California based on liquid hydrogen.

The core component of the station delivered by the Linde subsidiary is the CP 90, which was optimised by Linde Hydrogen FuelTech engineers to the specific local conditions and efficiently compresses hydrogen to an outlet pressure of up to 900 bar and has a capacity of 900kg per day.

Including its low-pressure storage tank capacity of 800kg, the station occupies an area of only 33’ length and 9’ 22’’ width.

With these compact measurements, the hydrogen fuelling station can be fully integrated into an existing fuelling station infrastructure where it operates according to the highest safety standards.

The station is owned by FirstElement Fuel, who is committed to making safe, reliable, retail hydrogen available through its True Zero brand for the world’s next generation of vehicles powered by fuel cells.

“Compared to gaseous hydrogen, liquid hydrogen has a much higher energy density that allows storage of greater amounts of hydrogen in a smaller footprint,” Linde explained in a statement.

“This is important considering the logistics for supplying hydrogen refuelling stations in urban areas where space is usually limited.”

“At present, Linde is the only company that provides technical solutions for pumping liquid hydrogen to high outlet pressures and will soon sell eleven additional stations of this kind in California.”


Source: Linde