Linde will be attending BevTech® ’15 in Savannah, Georgia, - held from April 26-29 – to support the beverage industry in a number of ways.

BevTech is the annual meeting of the International Society of Beverage Technologists (ISBT).

At the BevTech® ‘15 Technology Exposition & Networking Reception, experts from the Linde beverage team will be available at booth #42 the evening of April 26th.

In the ISBT General Session, Mario Lopez, Senior Beverage Expert, Application Technology, of Linde Gas France, will present “Applying Wine Experiences to Juices” at 11:15 a.m., April 27th. The presentation will cover a proprietary process developed to control oxygen dissolved in wines, which has proven successful, especially in the protection of juice before fermentation.

“This expertise can be very useful and easily applied to the juice sector. By applying gas solutions, we can produce healthier product, with more flavor and less chemical preservative,” says Lopez.

Then, involving the ISBT Beverage Gas Committee, the meeting, which is chaired by Sal Calandra, Head of Quality & Food Safety, Linde North America, Inc., is scheduled for April 29th. The goal of the committee is to enhance understanding and promote efficiencies through the sharing of emerging technologies, best practice, and regulatory requirements involving beverage gases. See for preliminary agenda.

“Continuous quality improvement across the supply chain is an industry wide goal in the beverage industry, and extends across continents for global leaders,” states ISBT beverage gas committee chairman, Sal Calandra, Linde North America, Inc. 

Then finally at the ISBT University, Dennis Balazs, National Beverage Account Manager of Linde LLC, will present an “Introduction to Beverage Gases – CO2” during the seminar held on April 30th. The presentation will review the properties, quality and safe use of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the beverage industry.

Linde, which hosted BevTech Europe in Guildford last fall, operates extensive industrial gas production and supply facilities around the world to assure both dependable availability and timely, cost effective delivery of high quality beverage gases and gas mixtures. The company has the largest supply of beverage-approved CO2 in the US.

Linde is making about a $250m capital investment in the Houston area, which will help better serve the food and beverage industry across Texas and the broader region with both nitrogen (N2) and oxygen (O2).

Calandra is also a 2015 nominee for the International Society of Beverage Technologists (ISBT) board of directors, and currently chairs ISBT’s Beverage Gases Committee. 

“ISBT is an excellent forum for open communication, debate, and problem solving concerning the many challenges and opportunities of the beverage industry. Since joining the Society in 2003, I have enjoyed professional and personal growth through collaboration with a wide array of industry experts. The recognition of our Society’s work by regulatory bodies, industry associations, academia, and many more groups is a testament to the ability of our members,” he said.

Calandra is also a member of the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) where he chairs the Food Gas Committee.