On-site fluorine generation technology from Linde is improving the safety and productivity at 300mm fabs in China and South Korea, and Hynix Semiconductor is reaping these benefits at its sites.

Linde entered the on-site fluorine supply market through Linde AG's 2006 acquisition of The BOC Group and has installed the Chinese electronics industry's first on-site fluorine generating system at Hynix-ST's Wuxi fab.
The Linde Generation-F on-site fluorine generators combine proven technology with intrinsically safe design and are backed up by dedicated on-site support. This provides semiconductor manufacturers with a safe and highly reliable source of pure fluorine for chemical vapour deposition chamber cleaning.

Hynix is a leading memory semiconductor company that designs, manufactures and sells advanced memory semiconductor products and is headquartered in Icheon, South Korea.

YB Bang, manager of Hynix's M10 Fab, indicates on-site fluorine generation has reduced maintenance times and improved production efficiency. He comments, $quot;The convenience of fluorine generation is that it removes the need to check up on and change gas cylinders and has improved the safety of our operations. Fluorine on-site generation has shown 100 percent reliability, so we can get stable control of the process. We hope the fluorine generation system will be extended to more processes.$quot;

Noel Leeson, president of Linde Electronics, believes attention in some sectors is increasingly turning to on-site generated fluorine and Linde's technology is providing a beneficial service.
$quot;The Linde Generation-F systems provide high purity gas, generated on demand and supplied at a low pressure. This provides safety and cost benefits, especially in regions where cylinder fluorine must be drilled or supplied in low volumes,$quot; Leeson said.

Linde also recently installed and commissioned a Generation-F-80 system at Hynix's R3 facility in Icheon, overall supplying and operating 5 on-site fluorine generators for Hynix, including 2 units at its M10 fab which has operated without shutdown since 2004.

Including those at Hynix, Linde has supplied and operates over 25 systems worldwide, supplying the semiconductor and display industries' chamber cleaning needs.