Linde Gas is to become a distributor of hydrogen generation systems.

The company has announced it has entered into an agreement with Proton Energy Systems, a subsidiary of Distributed Energy Systems Corp to distribute its HOGEN on site hydrogen generation systems to energy and utilities sector companies in the US, Mexico and the Caribbean.

The company says the HOGEN systems use a patent pending process and can improve efficiencies in a utility's electric generators and result in significant cost savings by reducing windage loss, increasing output capacity and help to extend generator maintenance intervals. By providing a constant flow of high-purity hydrogen from electricity and water in electric utility applications, the hydrogen generator cools the electric generator casing.

The distribution agreement also allows Linde Gas to provide Proton's equipment to the Linde Group, extending Proton’s global distribution network.

Regional manager for Specialty Gases RNA, Howard Hubert, said: \\$quot;Linde Gas is pleased to be a distribution partner with Proton. We're very enthusiastic about combining Proton's proprietary product line with Linde's extensive process technology platform and global service capabilities. Customers in the analytical, metallurgical, electronics and of course energy segments will benefit from this relationship.\\$quot;

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