Linde Gases has announced the installation of its central specialty gases supply system at the Denso Corporation’s newly built facility in Thailand.

The system will be installed at Denso’s newly built research and technology laboratory at Samutprakan, Thailand.

In addition, Linde has signed a contract with the PTT Research and Technology Institute, a division of the PTT petrochemicals group, for a second specialty gases supply system at their laboratory at Athuthaya, also in Thailand.

The first implementation, at Denso, was completed in September and will assist the company in providing state-of-the-art automotive emissions testing capabilities for its car components.

The second installation, at PTT, is due for completion by the end of October and will help the company in its drive towards the production of lower emission automotive fuels. Both installations will support the respective companies in complying with recent emissions reduction legislation in Thailand.

The central gas systems, which will incorporate corrosion-proof steel gas pipe networks, will transport multiple automotive calibration gases piped directly into the emissions testing laboratories by Linde. The implementations will also include REDLINE® points of use, cylinder regulators, pressure alarms, gas detection systems - and gas panels from Linde’s specialty gases equipment product range, ensuring gas quality, integrity and highly stable gas outlet pressure.

“These are very important contracts for Linde, not only in Thailand, but across South East Asia as a whole,” said Head of Specialty Gases and Specialty Equipment at Linde, Stephen Harrison.

“As the global community works towards reducing automotive emissions, there is growing prioritisation in monitoring and quantifying emissions – and accuracy and reliability in measurement has become critical. We are delighted that two of the leading companies involved in this area have selected Linde to be a primary technology partner.”

A PTT spokeperson confirmed, “In addition to their technology capabilities, we were aware of Linde’s reputation for highly competent and reliable project management and installation engineering. A first rate central gas system implemented at our emissions testing laboratory will be vital in helping us lead the way to cleaner automotive environment.”