Linde LLC will introduce PLASTINUM® Foam Injection Moulding at the 2018 National Plastics Exposition (NPE) from the 7th-11th May in Orlando, Florida.

PLASTINUM Foam Injection Moulding is a less expensive, more flexible process for light-weighting moulded plastic parts than currently available foaming processes. The physical foaming process is particularly suitable for automotive, white-goods, and medical parts manufacturers who are using conventional injection moulding machines and are looking for an alternative to existing chemical and physical foaming processes.

In the PLASTINUM Foam Injection Moulding process, plastic pellets are impregnated with carbon dioxide (CO2) in Linde’s revolutionary new equipment prior to the injection moulding machine. This system allows for physical foaming in conventional injection moulding machines without retrofitting for foam and adding more expensive and larger equipment, thus reducing equipment and raw material costs.

In addition to its new technology, Linde will also feature its innovative PLASTINUM portfolio of CO2 gas technologies including the enhanced gas-assist injection moulding (eGAIM) system, spot cooling technology for injection moulds, and inert gas metering equipment. The eGAIM system can reduce cycle times up to 35% compared to nitrogen systems. Leveraging the pressure and cooling properties of liquid CO2, the patented PLASTINUM GAIM C system produces better surface characteristics and enables more consistent part quality.

Also featuring will be Linde’s automated CRYOCLEAN® CO2 snow cleaning technology.

Linde plastics application

Linde plastics application

Source: Linde LLC