As part of a joint venture, The Linde Group and US company Waste Management Inc. will build the world's biggest plant for the conversion of landfill gas into environmentally friendly biogas in Livermore, California, scheduled to be operational in 2009.

With capital expenditure of around $15m, it's intended that the liquefied biogas will be used as a fuel for Waste Management's 300 trash and recycling collection vehicles in California, with Linde responsible for the engineering of the plant as well as the cleaning and subsequent liquefaction of the landfill gas.

Waste Management, North America's leading recycling and waste management company, is supplying the landfill gas - which comes from the natural decomposition of organic waste. It is expected that the plant will produce around 50,000 litres of liquid biogas per day.

$quot;This project is an outstanding example of our commitment to the production and further development of alternative energy sources. By collecting landfill gas and turning it into an environmentally friendly fuel, we are relieving the strain on the environment and at the same time reducing CO2-emissions,$quot; explained Kent Masters, member of the Executive Board of Linde AG and responsible for the company's business in North America.

Linde has been pressing ahead with the development and environmentally friendly use of both fossil and alternative fuels for years, as the world turns to sustainable growth for the future. From production to fuelling techniques, Linde delivers technological solutions for natural gas, biogas and hydrogen among other innovative energy initiatives.