At the International Ozone Association’s (IOA) annual conference in Las Vegas, August 20th- 23rd, Linde LLC will present results of its patented OZORATM oxygen recovery system, collected from an installation at a 200-million-gallon-per-day (mgd) SUEZ drinking water treatment facility.

After more than 1,000 hours of operation, the commercial testing further confirms that the Linde technology can significantly reduce operating expenses for ozone generators, largely through dramatic reductions in oxygen (O2) consumption. Additional cost savings are also likely due to cleaner ozone generator operation.

Steven Finley, Linde project manager for the OZORA system, is scheduled to recap results at 4pm. PT in an IOA technical session on Tuesday, August 21st.

About 90% of the O2 used by ozone generators is not converted to ozone (O3). The OZORA system works through selective adsorption, efficiently recycling Ofor reuse by the generator. Linde and SUEZ jointly validated the OZORA technology beginning in 2016 and presented results at the IOA conference in 2017.

Ozonation systems are of growing importance to drinking water treatment facilities to help control micropollutants, improve filtration and support disinfection.

Linde, a global leader in industrial gases and engineering, also supplies bulk Oand nitrogen (N2) gases for Oproduction, as well as bulk O2and COfor municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment.

OZORA Oxygen Recovery System

OZORA Oxygen Recovery System