The Gases Division of The Linde Group will present a number of innovative new approaches for the use of oxygen in waste-water treatment at this year’s 15th international trade fair on water, sewage, refuse and recycling (IFAT), held in Munich from 5th – 9th May.

Linde will demonstrate its ability, thanks to its acquisition of the BOC Group in 2006, to provide customers globally with gas technology for water-purification purposes – an area in which both interest and growth is rapidly increasing.

In view of the growing significance of waste-water treatment, Linde has extended the capabilities of its SOLVOX®-V system. A key enhancement of the system, which exploits the Venturi effect, is that it divides water drawn by the immersion motor pumps into four equal parts. These are then enriched individually with pure oxygen using special double nozzles.

By making more efficient use of oxygen via the SOLVOX-V injection system, the capacity of biological purification plants is increased - the system can supply aeration basins with additional oxygen at peak times. Additionally, injecting oxygen into the water enables the treatment process to be switched to nitrification/de-nitrification without undertaking modifications to the plant.

The segment of waste-water treatment has seen a couple of significant contract awards in recent months, notably Praxair’s deal with the Beijing Drainage Group Co. Ltd to supply oxygen to three wastewater re-use plants in Beijing, for the 2008 Olympic games. This was followed by the contract for exclusive oxygen-supply to provide fresh drinking water in Beijing for the Olympic Games, awarded to Praxair China by Beijing No. 3 Water Works.