Linde Gases will be participating at Intercool in Dusseldorf, Germany next month, where the company will be showcasing its new CRYOLINE® CW hygienic IQF tunnel freezer with CRYOWAVE™ technology.

The freezer, which is being shown in Europe for the first time, significantly increases productivity, quality and yield for food processors freezing smaller, moister products including poultry parts, seafood and prepared meat items.

The CRYOLINE® CW freezer is part of Linde’s CRYOLINE® family of hygienic freezers, of which others will also be featured on Linde’s stand at the event, including the CRYOLINE® TI and CRYOLINE® SI freezers.

Efficient & effective
The CRYOLINE® CW freezer is useful for processors freezing Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) products – particularly those that are small, wet or sticky, that tend to form clusters or adhere to freezer belts.

Poultry items such as diced and sliced products, wings, mechanically de-boned product and other small poultry parts, are typical products suitable for the CRYOLINE® CW freezer.

The freezer uses a proprietary CRYOWAVE™ vibratory wave action that gently tumbles layered products in order to expose surface areas while they are being introduced into the liquid nitrogen, therefore locking in moisture and maximise yield – and mitigating any product degradation. The patented process delivers an exceptionally high proportion – over 99.5 percent - of IQF product produced.

CRYOLINE® CW is also extremely energy efficient, utilising the liquid nitrogen to first crust-freeze the product, then taking advantage of the remaining energy of the cryogenic gas by using high velocity fans to distribute the cold vapour throughout the freezer to break down thermal barriers that may exist on or around the product.

Mark Ewig, Global Strategic Marketing Food & Beverage, for Linde, commented, “Linde was a pioneer of cryogenic freezing technology in the late 1990s and has multiple installations worldwide. We have now taken this freezing technology to another level.”

“Our new and improved CRYOLINE® CW freezer has the most hygienic freezing platform on the market today, coupled with the highest capacity per unit of floorspace. This, combined with sleek styling and an extremely intuitive user interface, makes this one of the most efficient freezers available.”

Linde designed its range of CRYOLINE® freezers in accordance with the European Food Standards, CE markings, and, the US Department of Agriculture and American Meat Institute guidelines for sanitary design.

The CRYOLINE® freezers have no niches to harbour pathogens and have sloped internal and external surfaces to eliminate liquid collection and to facilitate easy draining. They offer complete access to all areas for easy cleaning and inspection, reducing maintenance downtime.

The Intercool event takes place at the Exhibition Centre, Dusseldorf, from 12th -15th September 2010.